A note from Jason Eakes, Founder and CEO

ALL IN was founded in Seattle, Washington by my brother and I. Between 2014-2016 we worked with a team of food scientists to develop a line of better-for-you energy beverages made from premium natural ingredients. Staying true to our healthier- is-better approach we used the best available natural ingredients, essential vitamins and amino acids, and a thoughtful amount of natural caffeine.

In the summer of 2016, ALL IN launched its first better-for-you energy beverage in Berry and Citrus flavors. Leschi Market, a family-owned Seattle neighborhood market since 1948 was our first retail partner. Now ALL IN beverages are sold throughout the United States.

As we strive to stay ahead of our competition by constantly researching innovative ways to improve our products as well as expand our product line, in 2021 we reformulated our beverages to include zinc for an immunity boost and we rounded off our lineup by adding Apple.

As a result, ALL IN consumers can feel confident that when they drink ALL IN, they are drinking the best better-for-you energy beverage available.

A note from Ryan Eakes, President and COO

As a family-owned business ALL IN supports amazing organizations that positively impact the community we live in as well as the rest of the world. Currently ALL IN supports the West Seattle Food Bank, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, Path with Art, Seattle Children’s, and the WHY NOT YOU FOUNDATION. We will continue to support organizations close to our family’s heart and if you have an organization, you think we should get involve with please contact us.

Genius Gourmet

How it Started

At our core, we are a group of forward-thinking health enthusiasts with one simple goal, to create
“Deliciously Smart Keto Snacks”

Our Passion

What drives us is the development of cutting-edge products with low sugars, and minimal carbs, that anyone can enjoy! After years of painstaking experimentation with wholesome ingredients and tasty flavor, we’ve cracked the code to give you keto snacks that both taste great AND make you feel amazing.

Our Mission

Genius Gourmet provides “Deliciously Smart Keto Snacks” that make living a healthy lifestyle easy. Satisfy your cravings and enjoy our tasty variety of Keto snacks created for the whole family to enjoy at home or on the go.

Gluten Free Bar – GFB

We’re just two guys who trusted our guts.

We started out as two brothers with two shared problems: we were gluten intolerant and we didn’t like the gluten-free foods options available to us.

So, we decided to make our own. And The GFB was born.

We’re out to change the way good-for-you foods taste.

From the beginning, our mission has been to make truly good-tasting, good-for-you foods. Foods that are ridiculously tasty and packed with protein.

Today, we fulfill that mission with an expanding line of products, all made from exceptional recipes and simple, honest ingredients. All incredibly good to eat.

We’re also out to change the world. At least our corner of it.

We’ve always been overachievers. While we wanted to change the way healthful foods taste; we also wanted to improve the lives of everyone who comes in contact with us.

We believe that The GFB can enrich the lives of our team, enhance the lives of our customers, and extend the life of the planet.

That’s why we built and operate a Certified B Corporation where sustainability is integral to everyday life. It’s also why we built our own zero-waste production facility. And staff it with an inclusive hiring policy.

Lemon Perfect


Naturally Perfect.

Squeeze more out of hydration! Organically-farmed, our lemons pack a powerful, health-promoting nutritional punch.



Lemons never tasted this good.

Full of flavor and with zero sugar, Lemon Perfect is the new, naturally refreshing squeeze on healthy hydration.


Pressed to perfection.

We cold-press half a California-grown organic lemon, then use gentle processing and cold-fill our bottles to naturally maintain the hydrating superfruit benefits of freshly squeezed lemons. Lemonize your life!

Super Coffee

It takes the best to fuel your best.

We only use ingredients that are great-tasting, great-for you, and sustain you for the long haul. Nothing shady. No added sugar. Only positives.

Embrace the super in you.

We believe that with the right energy, you can do anything. It means saying “yes” to whatever comes your way, and running with it.

Positive from the beginning.

From the dorm room to the board room, we’ve kept our heads up through the thick and thin. Positivity got us here, and now we want the same for you.


4,405,836+ lbs

of sugar removed from the American diet

(That’s over 175 dump trucks!)

Twin Peaks Ingredients